Volunteering...a source for good?

Volunteering is one great opportunity i would encourage any young person to grab! Yeah! I say this based on the uncountable experience and skills i gained while volunteering with British Council and Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in the Global Xchange Program.

I have come to understand that good things do not come to those who sit at home and wait for it to locate them. You can develop yourself today! if you chose to add volunteering to whatever you are presently doing, especially if in your gap year, or unemployed insearch of a (corporate) job.

Volunteering would open you up to a whole new world! I see volunteering as a source for good and one thing i would always find time to talk about especially with those who do not understand the concept of volunteering.

What do you think? Is volunteering a source for good? If you ask me, i'll say POSITIVE!

Volunteer your time! Grab Skills!


  1. Chinwe dear! Well done, nice blog o. But dis matter of volunteering, u sure say I no go too broke if I volunteer all my time? I hear say dem not dey pay person for volunteering...na true? hehehe. Joking there! Volunteers are not paid, not 'cos they are worthless but bcos they are priceless!!! Volunteer ur time like Chinwe said! Cheers


  2. "Amazing!!! Is n't it? Congratulations to you girl! Nothing Just Happen. People make things happen. Thanks for making this blog site happen. I believe it's going to serve as a change platform for for positive change makers anywhere in the world.

    Don't stop please! keep Pushing!! I believe you!!!

  3. cheers Muyiwa and Jenny! Wonderful volunteering products!!!..haha..i hail o!


  4. My pickin well done eh, u don try well well, make you keep up the good work oh.
    dont mind me it is a good work u you should give urself a pat on the back.
    Big Mark

  5. who tell them say i be anonymous tell them to hold them self oh
    it me mark take care

  6. Hello-o-o-o-o-o Nkem

    Looks good here. Gotta go ozi gbozi gbo

    Ree-bebe xx

  7. Good for people to know.


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