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I was going through a Nigerian Newspaper today, and found a caption below the page, which says "What Should be done to check the indecent dressing among youth"? and people were asked to send in comments. If we have to look inwardly, we we all realise that the Fashion of youth today is not the problem of Nigeria. Nigeria is faced with so many challenges ( Health- HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Treatment Access, Poverty, Unemployment, Education, Security, Bad Roads, corruption among others)which i think should be a thing of concern and priority and not the way the youth dress.
Nigerian youth today are faced with the dilemma of unemployment, poverty, access to affordable education, health, among others. This has led to the involvement of some of them in risky behaviours which has brought about increase in moral/social decadence.The fact is that, Nigeria should concentrate on her overwhelming challenges as well as creating opportunities for youth to exercise and utilize their full potentials and lets see if these 'indecent dressing' like it was tagged in the newspaper would not be mitigated.
When square pegs are put in square holes, ethics would return.

***Like to mention that indescendent dressing is not encouraged here, dress the way you want to be addressed***

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  1. the writer is right, we should focus on the major problems like unemployment, Hiv/Aids, e.t.c., cos when the major is taken care of indecent dressing will not be an issue. people make indecent dressing an issue to shy away from the real problems, which is wrong.
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