Global Xchange on Nigerian TV (NTA- network)!!!

In preparation for the Global Xchange International Youth Day celebration, and indeed let our voices heard, Ayodele Fanida and I (both Global Xchange returned volunteers), were on Nigerian Television Authority(NTA) Network today to talk about the planned GX Int. Youth day celebration in Abuja.

I urge you all to tune in on NTA Network (Int.) by Sunday, 3:00a.m to view on the Youth Talk show with Emilia or if you can't see it then, you can watch out for it on Tuesday on NTA 2 by 3:30 p.m.

If you are a youth out there and not involved yet in any plan for the IYD, you are invited to celebrate with us in Abuja.

Hope to see y'all in Abuja!!!



  1. Hi Chinwe,
    I would check out your blog in details soon, but just wanted to drop a line to say u are doing a great job...this is very unlike a Nigeria girl!

    Keep it tight girl


  2. Great one Chinwe! Now you see why you cannot let down the millions of Nigerians that will watch you on TV.


    Victor Gotevbe
    NiPRO Nigeria

  3. Hi Chinwe,
    once agian you have proved to be a product of GX.i'm so glad this is coming from you.please keep informing the world and advocating for our generation and the generation next.You are doing great!

  4. Hello Chinwe, u re doing a great job in nigeria and i pray that the gud lord will continue to help u. i am proud to have met with at ALF. keep it alife, Chi girl

    Julius Ekum
    October 1st Media


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