National Summit on Volunteerism, Abuja, Nigeria – December 4- 5, 2007

The Nigerian National Volunteer Service (NNVS) in collaboration with the Voluntary Service overseas (VSO) and the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) on the 4th and 5th of December, organized a National Summit on Volunteerism.
The summit themed: “Volunteerism: Foundation for National Development” is to raise the profile and create awareness on the role of volunteerism as a tool for national development. The summit also served as a forum for dialogue and interaction among various stakeholders particularly, government, corporate bodies and volunteer organizations on expanding the frontiers of volunteerism in Nigeria and encouraging Nigerians of all ages to engage in volunteering to help build their community.

The summit had in discussion on volunteerism in Nigeria;
1) Challenges facing Volunteerism.2) The role of government in promoting volunteerism.3) Corporate Volunteerism.
4) Harness the energies of Retirees and the youth in promoting volunteerism.
Some of the paper presentations by key stakeholders were;
The Role of government in promoting Volunteerism by Alberic Kacou – Country Representative, UNDP
Corporate Volunteerism by Julia Ajayi – Country Director, VSO Nigeria
Harnessing the Energy of Retirees and Youth in Promoting Volunteerism by Ambassador Segun Olushola of African refugees Foundation

The president of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), Elizabeth Burns also presented a paper on the ‘Challenges facing Volunteerism’. The summit came up with findings from the summit the challenges limit the prevailing of volunteerism in Nigeria. Remarkably Mr. Soji Adeniyi of UNICEF Nigeria said the environment and economic situation has made volunteering difficult. He further mentioned that when the government begins to provide social security to its citizenry, the passion for volunteering in the country would snowball. The summit had in attendance, leaders of volunteer organizations in Nigeria, Heads of Corporate Foundations, Government Agencies, and Organizations that utilize the services of volunteers as well as volunteers too. The NNVS, VSO, UNV, UNICEF and IAVE representatives were fully represented.

This event took place at the Bolingo Hotel & Towers, Abuja, Nigeria.

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