Are You A Young Person?
Have You Just Completed Your National Youth Service Corp?
Are You A Change Maker?

If you answer in the affirmative to the above questions, then here’s the opportunity you’ve being looking for:

Corper Plus is a one-year volunteering programme, which gives young people the opportunity to give back to the society and contribute to raising the standard of education in Nigeria. Volunteering on Corper Plus requires you to provide selfless service without monetary gain or financial incentives. While it is a uniquely rewarding opportunity, it provides a platform to be different, it is challenging and you’ll have to be a special person to make it work.

Corper plus is a powerful social change initiative aimed at tackling educational disadvantage in challenging schools in Kwara and Nasarawa state. This programme harnesses the energy and enthusiasm of exceptional graduates to provide leadership and motivation to students in schools and at the same time it transforms those graduates into inspiring leaders ready to excel in management careers.
Minimum requirements:
• 2.2 Degree or HND in either English Language, Mathematics or any of the Science Courses.
• Flexibility to teach in secondary schools in Kwara and Nasarawa State.
Package for Volunteers• A modest allowance
• Modest accommodation
• Potential to form social relationship with local communities
• Skills training and development
• An acknowledgement certificate

If you are interested in becoming an inspirational leader and participating in the Corper plus, then please send an email to requesting for an application form.

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  1. Adesanya Luqman .A.March 4, 2010 at 11:36 AM

    this is a very good development. bt its supposed to be for all coppers interested in respect of the degree held.


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