VSO World AIDS Day event with Dutse Community in Abuja

Bwari Local Government, Abuja stood agog as VSO Nigeria picked Dutse Alhaji as the venue to celebrate the 2008 World AIDS Day themed “ Leadership”.

The event, which kicked off at 10:00 a.m. with some upbeat music, drew the attention of both the young and old in the community. The programme, which was organised by VSO Nigeria, was comprised of the Global Xchange Volunteers (Akure/Newham Xchange), VSO staff and Partners. The partners involved were Youth Advocates from Education as a Vaccine against AIDS (EVA) and Life Impact Foundation International. The representation which had everyone dressed in a T- shirt which had the sign of the HIV red ribbon as well as a message on the back “It pays to know your HIV status” were there to celebrate the event and create more awareness on the HIV Scourge.

Everyone went out en-mass into the market and its environ to distribute Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials in English and Hausa to the residents and people who had come to shop at the Dutse market. The people were sensitized on HIV prevention methods, encouraged to know their HIV status and care & support for PLWHA. Condoms were also distributed to those interested.

The GX Volunteers and the Youth from EVA presented dance choreography and a drama on HIV & AIDS to the public. There was also a quiz session where questions on HIV/AIDS were thrown open to the public and prizes given out.

The event had the media representation of the Nigeria National Television Authority who was there to cover the event. The event, which lasted for about 4 hours, was successfully concluded and the Bwari community were glad VSO, chose their community for this memorable event.

Sorry, this report is being posted quite late however, its better late than never.

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