Today is International Human Rights Day! December 10

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights' (UDHR)was adopted on 10th December 1948. Since this day, the date -December 10 of every year has been marked as the Human Rights Day worldwide. There are certain rights guiding a human person, one of it, which I think is the most important is the 'right to life'. Every human has an intrinsic value which is the dignity of a human person. Every human has the right to existence and to live peacefully with one another. It is a good thing to know and understand your rights. Apart from the diverse declaration that exists globally, which essentially is relevant to know, what is it that exists in the constitution of your nation? In this context, what is it that exists in the Nigerian constitution? A basic knowledge of the Nigerian constitution will do alot of good. Many times, I have wondered at some actions I see or hear happen around me. An example is sometimes
watching a human being tortured in the name of discipline or uniformed men maltreating the civilians because of the arms they are carry and probably the power behind their uniform. If only human right education could be made part of educational curriculum, it would help alot to instill that consciousness of 'rights' within our society. While having the consciousness of 'rights' instilled, the consequences for violation of one's right should not spare any...better still, have 'no sacred cow'. As we mark Human Rights Day, educate people around you. "Human rights belong equally to each of us and bind us together as a global community with the same ideals and values. As a global community we all share a day in common: Human Rights Day on 10 December, when we remember the creation 63 years ago of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On Human Rights Day 2011, we pay tribute to all human rights defenders and ask you to get involved in the global human rights movement" -UN

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