Happy Year 2012!

2011 was an eventful year for me. I am hoping it was eventful for you too. In the area of development, progresses were made for me as a practitioner and in the field of development as a whole. Although, there are still much to be done towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)and other development policies, by working together, building strategic partnerships and commitments, would bring about progress. 1st January 2012, the federal government of the republic of Nigeria announced the removal of petroleum subsidy. The sale of PMS/petrol, due to the subsidy removal was increased from N65 per litre to N141 per litre. This was not a welcome idea for Nigerians, most especially, not a good way to start up the new year. Like majority would say in the country, "this is a wrong timing". However the case maybe....I see 2012 to be a year of productivity and measurable impact in the development sector. Looking beyond the fuel subsidy protest in Nigeria as well as other development challenges in the world, I am optimistic that the improvements and change we want to see is near. Therefore, in optimism and willingness to take action, I urge and welcome you all to an impactful 2012! We shall surmount all the challenges in our governance system only if we make commitments to be involved and take complete action towards the development for our beloved country, Nigeria. The change we want to see tomorrow begins with you and me.

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