Go to school, graduate and get a Job

Many years back, what was prevalent amongst the advice of our parents was that, it is important to go to school. No doubt, education is very important in order to acquire required knowledge in diverse areas and for development. We were not only encouraged to go to school but motivated and given incentives to ensure we complete. I remember my parents used to tell me the importance of education which I also discovered as I grew up. In their words…“if you go to school, after you graduate, you will get a good job”. Ofcourse, this has been the experience of so many people however, it may no longer apply in this process.
One of the buzz words which is prevalent in development is ‘entrepreneurship’. You may have also met or read about people who are proudly entrepreneurs by profession. Entrepreneurs own their own businesses and live up to the risks involved in managing businesses. How can entrepreneurs then extend these opportunities for wider societal development impact while ensuring that their entrepreneurship targets are met?
 Social entrepreneurs as defined by Ashoka ‘are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems,
it further mentioned that they are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change’. The youth make up more than 60% of the Nigerian population. Nigeria also has a large number of unemployed youth hence, the need for change in thinking and time to start getting innovative. The government makes promises in every sector for what they plan to do or provide as the case maybe however, will definitely not be able to cater for the whole population especially with the problem of good governance. Globally, there is general excitement at the discovery of a new way of doing things which demonstrates that innovation in development is crucial.

The world is yearning for social entrepreneurs who will not wait for the government of their country but step up their thinking for innovative ideas and solutions for wider societal good. So, as you go through school, while also allowing school to go through you, be open to other form of learning and ideas. This should be the thinking for today and advice to all energetic youth out there.


  1. Truly it is no longer enough to go to school, especially in a society like ours. I have learnt that one must be open to different options to earning a living; research widely and keep an open mind, and the sky is the limit. Education is really just the electricity required to power the lift to get to the "8th floor" of life, whatever that may mean to different people. One still needs the lift, an awareness of the destination, and the "how to" operate a lift :-)

  2. Their is nothing more grandiose and impeccable than a quality education concomitant on stable educational policy which must be for all regardless of social status. Modern wars are no longer fought on the ability of strength or population but are fought and won based on technology which is the off shoot of developed brains and minds which can not be extricated from knowledge via sound education. As such, for Africans and Nigeria in particular to be the giant of Africa and a nation to be reckoned with it can no longer be evaluated by natural endowments alone but by the educated class which are the fulcrum or pivot of any socio-economic and scientific developments. Please readers, just google Doha and see how it is gradually turning into the "Mecca" of western education/ educators with state of the art infrastructures. Our leaders with all our oil money have failed us. P.S:- we hereby give a standing ovation to late Prof. Chinua Achebe. You shall continue to influence this generation and those unborn even in your grave because your works lives on. Adieu Prof. Things Fall Apart.- Lts.(Dr.s) Twins Oshigbo

  3. Thanks Anne Chia & Lts (Dr.s) Twins Oshigbo for your very important comments. I agree with you...good and quality education is essential while also giving room for other forms of learning will make development complete.

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