Apply for the Construction Ideas Fund

The Construction Ideas Fund (‘The Fund’) is an initiative of the UK Department for International
Development (DFID) under its Growth & Employment in States (GEMS-2) project. It is aimed at
stimulating private sector participation in promoting economic growth and development of the Nigerian construction and real estate sector. The Fund is designed to share the financial risk of innovation in the construction sector by providing grant funds for investment in innovative business projects that have pro-poor objectives.
If your company has an idea for a project that will not only improve your competitiveness, but is also
innovative and can be shown to have a sustainable positive impact on job creation and income improvements – particularly for low-income groups engaged/employed in the sector – you are invited to send in your application.
Application to the fund can be made through its five funding
windows which focus on:
I. Encouraging relevant training and skills acquisition among artisans and construction workers;
II. Improving the quality of input supplies and encouraging product innovation.
III. Establishing sustainable and well-functioning channels of labour recruitment;
IV. Empowering more women economically by removing barriers to entry into the sector; and
V. Improving the representation and services offered by Business Membership Organizations (BMOs) and Trade Associations.
Grant amounts range from £25,000 - £250,000. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis. Deadline is 10th April. For more info, see Link

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