Are people with ‘Special Needs’ left out of the Business?

Some weeks back, I was travelling from Abuja to another city for an event. While I was on queue at the airport waiting to board the plane, I saw a man on a wheel chair who was being helped to board the same plane I was queuing to board. To my utmost surprise, this man was carried into the plane together with the wheel chair he was sitting on into the aircraft by two hefty men who apparently were the airline staff (since he was unable to climb the stairs by himself). I could see the man looking like he was in fear and pain. First, the fear that any mistake by these men could lead to him to fall and perhaps, the worry of being hurt in the process of being lifted up into the aircraft.
While watching…questions went through my mind…even the airlines too? They have no plans for the physically challenged? Does the man have to go through extra pain just to board an aircraft? Are there no ways to make boarding user friendly for those on wheels? Is the business just all about the money and no plans for the satisfaction of people with special needs? I
was a bit disappointed because I felt this airline was well established and should know better.
The people with special needs go through a lot of challenges and it is important to ensure they are included in every business plan or money making venture. At least, in this case, the money made from the sale of their flight tickets, includes their money and contributes to making the business. I just hope that this airline and every other business recognize the contributions of people with special needs and have them included in every business planning as well as work to eradicate every form of exclusion.


  1. This is so true. Whether or not these businesses are benefitting from citizens with special needs is really besides the point! The important thing is that it is required by law to put ramps and such facilities in buildings and and airports, it is also the humane thing to do. It's a real shame that the Airport Authorities do not think it necessary to have foldable ramps leading into the planes. Smh

  2. It is sad. People with special needs do encounter a lot of challenges in our dear country. I was taken aback by this experience and wondered what has been done about all the advocacy for the inclusion of these group.


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