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The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has just released a new guidebook, the CIPE guide to youth entrepreneurship programs for chambers of commerce and business associations. Chambers of commerce and business associations around the world, including many CIPE partners, run a variety of youth entrepreneurship programs to address the challenge of high youth unemployment. In opening up avenues for youth to become successful entrepreneurs and start private sector careers, associations and chambers of commerce play a unique role in communicating what reforms are needed to encourage job creation, and conversely, what skills young graduates need to compete for jobs in the private sector. Based on the experiences of chambers and associations from around the world, CIPE developed this guidebook as a resource for chambers of commerce, associations, and other private sector organizations seeking to address the obstacles that young people face in the job market.

CIPE is now seeking proposals from local organizations in developing countries that
want to learn from the leading practices outlined in the guidebook, provide feedback, and work toward decreasing youth unemployment in their communities by implementing a youth entrepreneurship or employment program. We welcome proposals from business associations, local chambers of commerce, and other civil society organizations around the world. Please note that individuals, for-profit companies, and government entities are not eligible for this opportunity. We will accept submissions only from non-governmental, non-profit organizations.
The proposal should identify the causes of youth unemployment in your community, and then design a program within your chamber or association that would help address this issue and support an entrepreneurial environment from the bottom up. As suggested in the guidebook, your proposed project should include at least two of the following components:
  • Education: provide training programs relating to the needs of unemployed youth, including business plan writing, regulations, and financing.
  • Application of skills: organize business competitions, facilitate internship opportunities, or other types of hands-on programs that will familiarize young entrepreneurs with practical experiences.
  • Mentorship: connect aspiring youth entrepreneurs with successful members of your association or chamber to help provide young people with support, networking, and knowhow.
  • Peer-networking: build professional relationships among young entrepreneurs through networking opportunities, such as alumni groups.
CIPE will choose up to three (3) proposal ideas on a competitive basis for organizations that qualify and submit the most compelling, well-designed, and feasible proposals that show how the proposed activities lead to expected impact. CIPE will provide up to $15,000 per organization to pursue its proposed initiatives in six (6) months, with a target start date of June 2013. If your organization is interested in designing and implementing a youth entrepreneurship program that includes one of the ideas described in our guidebook, we want to hear from you!
Download Guidebook HERE

Please submit a brief concept note (3-5 pages) via email to Ms. Maiko Nakagaki here with the following information:
  1. Provide a brief background of your organization (mission, history, size, leadership, and current projects).
  2. Describe why and how youth unemployment affects your community.
  3. Explain how your organization would address this issue if you are selected for CIPE funding. Tell us specifically why your organization is in the best position to carry out such an initiative and what activities and impact you envision.
  4. Attach a budget that shows major expense categories and explains how you came up with the requested funding total.
Application deadline is Friday, May 17, 2013 at 11:00 PM EST. But do not wait until the last minute! We will be reviewing submissions on a rolling basis.
If you know of any other credible organizations in your country that conduct successful programs in the area of local governance, please pass this message along.
We look forward to receiving your ideas!

For More about CIPE CLICK HERE

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