Education Global Action Week - Every Child Needs a Teacher to Learn (Infographic)

6.8 million new teachers are needed to get every child in school by 2015. Share our infographic and learn more.

It’s no surprise that teachers have the biggest impact on children’s learning. However, when teachers do not have the support and resources they need, children are at risk of not learning or worse, dropping out of school.  In many countries, lack of support means not enough trained teachers, over-crowded classrooms and very low salaries.

In honor of the Global Campaign For Education “Global Action Week”, we present you with this new infographic to advocate for more support for teachers. Also have a look at how the Global Partnership for Education is working with our partners to increase support for teachers.
We invite and encourage you to share this infographic with your friends, colleagues, government officials and political leaders to remind them that every child needs a teacher to learn. More details at Education For All Blog

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