World Malaria Day 2013

Today, April 25, marks another World Malaria Day. People across the world will take/took part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day 2013. These activities are looking back at the progress that the development community has made in fighting malaria and other infectious diseases.

Investments in malaria control have created unprecedented momentum and yielded remarkable returns in the past years. In Africa, malaria deaths have been cut by one third within the last decade; outside of Africa, 35 out of the 53 countries, affected by malaria, have reduced cases by 50% in the same time period. In countries where access to malaria control interventions has improved most significantly, overall child mortality rates have fallen by approximately 20%.

‘Malaria is a major public health problem in Nigeria where it accounts for more cases and death than  any other country in the world.Malaria is a risks of about 97% of Nigeria’s population where the remaining 3% live in the malaria free high lands. There are an estimated 100 million malaria cases with over 300,000 death per year in Nigeria. Malaria also contributes to an estimated 11% of maternal mortality rate’ (Source: US embassy in Nigeria Malaria fact sheet). 
The Roll Back Malaria campaign “Invest in the future: defeat malaria” will help strengthen the political will across the world and will contribute to increase the funding needed to control malaria in endemic countries.

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