Are you Nigerian? Then, I envy you!

Nigeria - A resourceful nation with amazing people with diverse potentials. I am very aware of the challenges facing Nigeria and so is any Nigerian approached on the streets. Just like in every other country, I am happy to announce to you that Nigeria has its peculiar problem. One thing I always keep in mind and also expect every Nigerian to have at heart is that, it will not take only the politicians to make this great nation better but every Nigerian.

I am interested in Nigeria, are you? If your answer is in the affirmative, then rise up to the consciousness of who you are and the responsibility you owe this great nation. Some of these responsibilities include:
Honesty, Transparency, Accountability, Patrotism, Be an Ambassador, an active citizen (not a 'sidon look'), Do the right thing and ultimately, be a law abiding citizen :-)
We should learn to count our blessings as citizens of this great nation (under transformation) matter how far you travel, there is indeed no place like home!

I just felt like shouting out to all my Naija people! Together we shall overcome! If you believe, whisper to yourself and say "I believe!"

Nigeria - Good People! Great Nation!! One love! :)


  1. I believe! Nice one Chi baby.

  2. D dream, d attitude, d tenacity of purpose, d conviction, self realisation, d philosophy, d truth- culture, are parts of d ingredients that make up a viable society. Sincerely, more than ever before, we really need a paradigm shift for things to work & the rejection of despicable acts that give rise to social malaise. Thumps up Naija. Lts. (Dr.s) T & K Oshigbo m mnis, minstta, fptm

  3. Hopefully the shift will come but while we wait, lets make ourselves available to support the process and be the change we want to see in Nigeria :-)


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