Abbreviations - The Simple Mistakes We Make - 'I wish 2 apply 4 the post of...'

I have always wanted to write about some noticeable trends in writing, amongst job seekers and some other people in general. Abbreviations have become so popular since the innovation of phones, social media, etc.
It is apparent that when writing an SMS (short message service), there is always limited space to fit in all you have to write within the given space hence, the need to abbreviate words. For example; ‘give it 2 her 2moro’, I wuld like 2 see u b4 I go’….etc, does this ring a bell? I believe the response is in the affirmative? J Many of us are guilty of this right? It is a good thing to do if you are sending an informal message and you can confirm that the receiver understands the words you have abbreviated otherwise, all that you have sent would be making no sense to the receiver.

Abbreviations however, could bring about the loss of opportunities when mis-used. For instance,
when writing an official letters, emails, application letters for a job, etc. I have at different times, read some official emails and letters written with abbreviations. I have also read an official job application written in this form. Indeed, anyone could be carried away with abbreviations having gotten so used to chatting, pinging and writing this way in informal settings and through social media. There is however, a need to be conscious when writing for official use. It is important not to fall under the category of people who make these mistakes. Let abbreviations be for informal settings only while complete spelt out words for official use.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! It's the curse of the new age texting language, people cannot draw the line between informal and the formal. Who knows, I probably make that mistake sometimes. Great post Chinwe

  2. Thanks Annechia. Indeed, drawing the line and having that consciousness to separate is key. I do not look forward to seeing a society with 'smarter phones' and less smart people :-)


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