Ever thought of Volunteering Online?

There are many graduates out there, who are not very sure of what to do with their time. They have skills but no capital to start up  businesses to put the skills to work, neither is there employment to get busy.

It is more disheartening when you find a job advert that you want to apply for, and by the time you read to the end of the advert, you discover that you do not have the years of experience they have requested for. It's time to put your skills and time to work. Consider volunteering online and add the experiences to your CV/Resume. 

Check out Nabuur -the Global Neighbourhood Network here, and see if you have skills to support communities out there. If you do, I would encourage you to support communities in need, be fulfilled, learn in the process and add experience to your career years!

If you do have interest in international development, volunteering experience is a plus, so go for it!

Best wishes :-) 


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