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 'The Nigerian Senate just approved language that would remove the protection for young women and girls from repeatedly being rape in the guise of early marriage. 

Nigerian Senate has made it part of the Nigerian Constitution to give adult men the right to take any young girl as a wife, even as young as ten years old. Here is the senate's new rule: ""The Nigerian Senate also resolved to alter Section 29 (a) of the constitution that stipulates that a woman shall not be qualified for marriage until she attains the 18 years as they deleted age specification for women being married from the draft constitution and left the marriage age for women open. The Senate claimed that a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so." 
We need your help to get ACTION to stop this from happening. 

Join the campaign...the girl-child needs education, they need to be treated equally as the boy-child. They should be given the opportunity to fulfil their potentials.  It strikes me how some people in the house of assembly would be in support of early marriage for girls. This is sad....the girl-child should be allowed to mature up  to the level of saying 'yes' or 'no' to whom they desire in marriage.

Join the #ChildNotBride Campaign. Please sign the petition! Click here to access link and for more info.

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