Are you Bi-Lingual? Vous Parler Francais, Espanol..? :-)

I have always loved languages although did nothing about it. I was however, further challenged
in 2008 when I visited Benin Republic and Togo, both being French speaking countries. I was lucky to have travelled with a friend who speaks French at that time, so she led all the conversation and negotiations that required French language skills. How on earth would I have coped all by myself or with friends who could not ‘parler’ (speak) French? After my lovely experience in these countries, I realized it was right about time to take action…read my post upon my return from these countries in 2008 HERE.
There is a popular believe that Anglophone countries are quite proud of their English language hence, do not make extra effort to learn other languages. Is this true?
What do you think? I am tempted to believe it a bit though because; an average person in French speaking countries could......
speak basic/conversational English or is making effort to learn. However, in English speaking countries, the percentage of persons who are making effort to learn or can speak a second language like French, Spanish, etc, represents very low percentage. Do you wish to work with international organizations like ECOWAS, the UN and other international organizations or companies? Do you realize that having an extra language skill apart from the English you know could be an advantage for you? How? Indeed, I have seen and heard about people who got their job as a result of their additional language skills. Oh, by the way, if you are West African, you should be considering being at least Bi-Lingual since only 4 countries make up the Anglophone/English-speaking countries of the ECOWAS states and majority, French speaking.

I have in recent times been challenging myself to sharpen my French skills although it seems like am too busy to give it all the time it requires. Although, I have learnt that in life, there would not be time to do anything except you CREATE it. The world has become so busy with many exciting things and distractions all around. I have in recent times tried out some French classes…I am enjoying it, however, time has not been my friend. But em…whether, I like it or Yes, I am more than ready to be bi-lingual and parler Francais.  Are you? J

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