Personal Development: Help yourself with Free Online Courses

Personal development can be defined as ongoing learning for personal growth. As the name goes, your personal development is definitely in your hands or better still, up to you. Although, some organizations do support their staff with ongoing personal development, if you do not show interest in  developing yourself other colleagues who are more proactive and conscious of what they want would grab every opportunity the organization offers.

On the other hand, what if you are not employed and do not have an opportunity to be supported by an organization or if you are into business and believe that the business you are 
into and making profits is enough as long as the basic knowledge is there.

The world is changing, it is getting more and more competitive every day. In other to be ahead of the game, it is important you help yourself grow, acquire new skills and make positive impacts in your chosen area of career. I promised to share information on opportunities for online courses. Here is one of them ALISON. Alison offers certificate courses, diploma courses in different areas. If you are interested in Business & Enterprise skills, Health management systems, Project Management, Information Technology, the list goes on, visit this site to see what is suitable for you. Goodluck as you develop yourself 'personally' :-). Follow  this link - Alison for more info.


  1. Thanks babe! Let's look out for other ways to gather the millions! Cheers. V1

  2. thanks much! i got to know of your Blog yesterday when i viewed your profile on Linkined. in a situation where one have volunteered in an NGO for more than 2years 10mths,then acquired a master degree in ''Environmental Health Management,(Public Health option) and an online certificate course in other to boast knowledge and help in a career path, then after applying for so many NGO jobs and not being taken,can be frustrating . i really do need a career advice on wat next to do pls


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