Social Media for Active Citizens Training Program -Apply now

Application are invited for Social Media for Active Citizen Awards which will be conducted in Montenegro from 1-10 November 2013. The mission of this program is to support active citizenship of young people in community contexts through use of social media tools and methodologies. This project is funded by the Youth in Action Programme.

All costs of board and logging will be covered by the organisers. In addition, Forum MNE is going to reimburse 70% of the participants’ travel costs, upon the receipt of all original tickets
and invoices.

To explore active citizenship from participants own experience and the resources and opportunities available to address issues of concern through democratic, civil and civic engagement
To explore possibilities for utilization of social media for youth activism
To reflect on non-formal education and its methods and their applicability within social networks
To develop creative and attractive ways to apply social media for youth activism, with a special emphasis on civic engagement
To identify local opportunities for community engagement and to design and develop an action plan for use of social media in the local context.

Eligibility & Criteria
are working with young people in their everyday reality
are active on social networks and are interested to explore their use in youth work
have knowledge and practice of non-formal education and learning
are interested in developing social medial projects focused on active participation of young people
have basic IT skills and are not afraid of experimenting with the computers

are committed to applying their newly gained skills in their communities and within their respective organisations.

Deadline - 10th September 2013

For more info visit SALTO YOUTH HERE

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