World Teachers Day: Celebrating Teachers all around the World!

Today marks another remarkable day for the celebration of all the teachers around the world. UNESCO proclaimed 5 October as World Teachers Day in 1994 and since 1994, the World Teachers Day is celebrated as an annual event. This year's theme, ' A call for teachers' is focused on the advocacy for more qualified teachers in schools as well as teacher development opportunities. Some schools experience lack of teachers and the problem of limited qualified teachers. Imagine what the experience would be like, being taught by an unqualified teacher or an inexperienced teacher? This is actually the experiences of some students out there. For example and typical cases, where students in some rural schools are taught English Language in yorubahausa, Ibo (local languages), etc. Basically, the teachers, using their local languages to buttress their teachings in classes, which unfortunately, does not turn out helpful as the impact tells on the students' performances. So this year's event calls for more experienced and qualified teachers.
Teachers are very important and they represent one of the special set of people in the world who are doing amazing jobs. Reach out to your teachers today in appreciation...teachers MATTER. 

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