Agriculture in Nigeria - Opportunities for Youth

Agriculture has become very important in the global development trend. Countries are currently
looking inward to discover their potentials in agriculture production. One of those countries is Nigeria. Since the discovery of oil in Nigeria in 1956 and later the oil boom in the 1970s, led Nigeria to diverting its attention from  agriculture, manufacturing and the export of locally manufactured goods, which were the main source of revenue to more attention on crude oil production and as a source of revenue for the country.

Farming/Agriculture as a result, was relegated and farming was perceived and believed to be for the poor. Beyond perception, it was also the reality on ground
for most of the farmers, especially the rural farmers. A large number of the farmers in the rural communities were into subsistence farming hence, did not make enough income to sustain their livelihoods and to earn them decent income. 

Today, this is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Agriculture has now become the centre of attraction if you like, with lots of opportunities to be explored. Indeed, the youth are not left out in these opportunities. Interested youth can have the opportunity to be in the agriculture sector and earn themselves reasonable income as well as live fulfilling lives. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some opportunities youth could tap into in the agriculture sector. This would also help in reducing the number of unemployed youth in the country as well as build a network of giants as entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector. Get ready! 

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