Happy International Day for Tolerance! Choose to Tolerate Small Nonsense :-)

When I discovered that the United Nations did set aside a day to celebrate global tolerance, I found it really fascinating. This therefore shows how important it is for a person to have some bit of tolerance. Am glad that before discovering this celebration and the date of the United Nations, I have learnt tolerance through bible teachings I receive and indeed, the learning is an ongoing process :-) 

I am glad that this day is indeed recognized, because it is clear that the power of intolerance in
a society could breed so much negativity and retrogression. Already, we can easily tell that some parts of the world are in chaos as a result of intolerance by some persons or group of people.  

Today, November 16, is International Day for Tolerance. The message from the UN says, "Awe commemorate this International Day for Tolerance let us reflect on the goals and commitments on global tolerance adopted by the United Nations General Assembly".

Helen Hayes says, "when travelling with someone, take large doses of patience and tolerance with your morning coffee" . Indeed, more than enough doses...today and every other day gives you the opportunity to tolerate small nonsense for peace to reign :-). 


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave your comments :-)