Transparency International to sponsor One World Media Corruption Reporting Awards

Are you a news reporter? As part of your reporting, do you report also on corruption? If your answer is in the affirmative, then apply for the One World Media Awards. The global anti-corruption organisation Transparency International is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Transparency International Corruption Reporting Award, a new award, as part of the One World Media Awards 2014. The Corruption Reporting Award is for all media that cover any aspect of corruption, including
investigative reports and features that show the effects of corruption on individuals or society. 

The One World Media Awards reward excellence in international media coverage and recognise the unique role of journalists and film makers in increasing cultural understanding and promoting fairness and justice worldwide. The call for entries for the 2014 Awards opens on Monday, 2 December and the award will be handed out at an event in London on 6 May, 2014. For more information on how you can enter and to learn more about the other award categories of the One World Media Awards  2014, visit One World Media Awards

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