University of Columbia, Canada International Undergraduate Scholarship

International Leader of Tomorrow Award: The University of British Columbia (UBC) attracts talented secondary and post-secondary students from around the world. The International Leader of Tomorrow Awards assist outstanding international students who do not have the economic means to study at the post-secondary level. The awards range in value from $14,000
to $34,000 (CAD), depending on financial need.
To date, students from 45 different countries have studied at UBC as International Leader of Tomorrow award winners.

To be eligible, you must be a non-Canadian, studying on a study permit, and enrolling in a UBC undergraduate program.
In addition, you must demonstrate an exceptional level of scholastic achievement, extracurricular achievement, and leadership ability. Finally, you must also demonstrate that you would not be able to attend the University of British Columbia (UBC) without receiving the award.
Canada Undergraduate Scholarships - How to Apply
If you’re interested in applying for this award, talk to your high school teacher or counsellor first, as they must nominate you.
Your counsellor can request a nomination package. The Nomination packages are not sent directly to students. Application Deadline is December every Year. The deadline for this year is December 10, 2013.

Follow the links below for more details and application contacts. 

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