2014: Planning An Agenda Like the Politicians

It is amazing how politicians plan in advance in preparation for their elections or to occupy certain political positions. They advertise their work, political parties, they campaign, they network, they advocate, they lobby and and above all, they make 'noise' :-). They basically do almost everything, striving towards success in advance of any elections they are expected to be involved in.

Some politicians start as early as 3 years before the next elections, or as they case maybe. For example, in a country where the next elections are due in 2015, some of the politicians started campaigning since 2012 or even earlier. As the year of the elections gradually draw nearer,
they intensify every effort in preparation for success. They basically, start planning on things to do to ensure their voices are heard by mobilizing all resources for the expected support from the people they hope to serve.

Wherever politics is mentioned, the feedback is not always positive as there are always some negative connotations attached to it, where people always have different things to to say about what is not going well. One thing for sure, I think is worthy of emulation from the politicians is their timely planning in preparation for success.

As we reflect and wait for 2014 in the next few days, planning a strategic agenda for 2014 will do us a lot of good. Hopefully, 2014, will bring us more opportunities, successes and victories. Planning, focus, discipline and resilience are the watch words. "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than you fear of failure" - Bill Cosby 

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