AIDS 2014: International AIDS Conference in Australia - Apply for Scholarships

Are you working around HIV and AIDS prevention or/and treatment? Have you been looking for opportunities to learn about the interventions around the world on HIV and AIDS? Opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking? If yes, then apply for the International AIDS Conference Scholarship. Scholarship applications are being accepted on different titles from individuals around the globe to participate in 20th International AIDS Conference being held in Australia from 20-25 July 2014. 
The major aim of the scholarships are to make AIDS 2014 accessible to people from resource
-limited settings and communities, researchers, young people, community activists and civil society representatives.The full scholarship covers conference registration fee, travel expenses, accommodation and daily allowance for conference duration.

Available Scholarships:
International Scholarship Program – open to everyone around the world working or volunteering in the field of HIV and AIDS. The scholarship will be awarded to those whose participation will help enhance their work in their own communities, to those who are able to assist in the transfer of skills and knowledge acquired at the conference, and to those whose abstract, workshop or program activity submission has been selected.

Media Scholarships Program – open to all journalists or media representatives from around the world who are at least 16 years of age by 20 July 2014.

Eligibility Criteria 
International scholarship applications are open to anyone working or volunteering in the field of HIV.
Media scholarship applications are open to all journalists across the globe.
International Scholarship applicants should submit a letter of recommendation and Media scholarship applicants should submit media accreditation and supporting documents after completing the application form. Those who could not provide the required documents are not eligible for the scholarships.

All applicants must be at least 16 years of age at the time of the conference and applicants under 18 years of age at the time of the conference, you will need to show proof of an accompanying adult on the application. Incomplete application forms will not be considered for scholarships.

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