Scholarship for Tourism & Hospitality Management Diploma Courses

The Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) provides scholarships for 8-months Diploma Course for higher qualification offering specialization in: Hospitality Management, Tourism Management.
9-months Teachers Training for further qualification of lecturers in the tourism field.

Scholarships cover includes:
Tuition Fee, insurance, food, pocket money for full scholarship also accommodation and travel
expenses with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), Government of Salzburg, and Salzburg Economic Chamber.

Countries qualified to apply:
Developing countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Priorities to applicants from the partner countries of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) and from LLDCs.

Scholarships Eligibility:
  • A-Level, high school certificate or equivalent, at least one year experience in tourism industry, professional training is an advantage.
  • A-Level, high school certificate or equivalent, at least one year teaching experience for teacher training applicants.

Deadline for Application - May 1, every year

Follow the link to visit Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Website you can also send an email to  office(at) for more enquiries.

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