Preparation: God 'Dey' With Me

Ever heard of opportunities meeting preparation? I was having a conversation with someone,
who was happily sharing with me how he purchased the military application form, applied and have recently been invited to write the test. In excitement I asked "I hope you have you been preparing?" and his replied to me was "God dey with me". Ofcourse, I will not doubt the fact that
his god was with him but unfortunately, he has, at that point, in no way prepared for the test ahead of him. This is just a typical example of lack of preparedness. The fact that he believes that as he steps into the interview room to write his test, the god which he serves will appear and take his pen to do the writing for him is quite unfortunate.
Sadly, some have lived their lives this way for too long. Where the yearn for change, growth and opportunities are expected with little or no effort towards are made towards getting there. When a person writes a test without preparation, what result does such person expect? Many times you hear people say, it is because they do not have 'connection' or contacts in government. 

Sometimes, opportunities are dressed in hard work and are not very attractive from the surface however, only the prepared and dogged ones are able to claim these opportunities. Preparation in advance goes a long way to making success attainable. Are you prepared today and making good efforts in your endeavours or still with folded arms and saying 'God dey with me'?

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