2014/15 EESTEC Competition for Android!

2014/15 EESTEC Competition for Android is now on. EESTEC Competition for Android, is the contest of innovation, programming and design dedicated for Android developers.

Do you have an idea for an Android application? Here is your chance! The competition is
open to everyone under 30 years old, from all over the world. It is divided in two rounds:

1st Round (15th October - 15th November) The competitors should apply, by describing their ideas for an Android mobile application. The ideas can be of any topic and participants might apply with more than one ideas and more than one teams during this round. After the deadline the ideas will be evaluated by a panel of university professors and experts in Android development, coming from various European countries. The criteria of the evaluation of the first phase will be originality, usefulness and feasibility.

2nd Round (15th December - 20th March) Qualified participants have to select one idea and one of their qualified teams, to proceed with the implementation of the app. After the second deadline, the final applications will be evaluated by the Jury again, and the final winners will be decided based on the criteria of idea fulfillment, design, user experience, compatibility & accessibility!

The awards are the following:
1) Best Overall Score
2) Best Innovation
3) Best Design
The winners will receive cash and other special prizes which are going to be announced soon!
The deadline for Application is 15 December 2014. For more information and application details, follow THIS Link To Complete the Application Form

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