International Volunteer Day: Development Synergy Celebrates All Volunteers

International Volunteer Day: 5th December annually is celebrated as the international volunteer day. This is a day set aside to appreciate the efforts of volunteers all over the world. Development Synergy is joining the rest of the world to celebrate volunteers out there! If you are currently a volunteer or have ever volunteered in your life time, we celebrate you! :-)

The theme of this year's event is 'People Participation: Volunteer Make Change Happen'. In line with this, we would like to encourage every person out there, to participate and contribute to development. Indeed, the development we need is in our hands and we need to ensure that we utilize our skills and time to support and help poor and disadvantaged communities. Let us encourage people to volunteer their time and skills. Let us also support the government, development organization and any other organizations working towards the common course of development.

Happy International Volunteer Day! Remain ambassadors of volunteering :-)

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