2014 World AIDS Day: Are We Still Going To Be Fighting AIDS In The Next 10 Years?

2014 World AIDS Day: I was having a conversation with a friend in the development sector on development interventions in Nigeria and in the world as a whole; the amount of work and intervention ongoing around the world. So much is being done around HIV and AIDS, Health, Education, Governance, Livelihoods, etc. HIV and AIDS is one of those interventions we talked about. One thing that struck me in the course of our conversation, was the question he asked, ‘in the next 10 years, are we still going to be fighting HIV and AIDS?’ Don’t you think, this issue would have been phased out?  

This question got me thinking. There are currently about 35 million people living with HIV and AIDS in the world. How come we have been actively trying to combat HIV and AIDS for more than 25 years now and still have about this number of persons living with HIV and AIDS? What have we been doing wrongly? Are some the people already infected, contributing to this? Are people affected (you and I) not doing enough to spread the news and support the process? Are the funding for fighting AIDS not good enough? Do we have enough workers and volunteers working towards the course of mitigating the virus? These and many more questions, we need to reflect on. 

In 10 years time, I do expect that we should have been able to have drastically reduce the prevalence rate of HIV and AIDS and winning the fight. 
The theme for this year's event is 'Focus, Partner, Achieve" An AIDS Free Generation'. Let us all work together in partnership, to combat this virus. Every little effort you make, is contributing to so much!

Let us not forget to show love to the people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS as we mark the 2014 World AIDS Day today.

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