Volunteer Online: Build Your Capacity - Support Communities

It is quite amazing how much we can achieve online if we decide to. There are a lot of persons out there seeking volunteer opportunities who have skills some communities are seeking for. The good news is that you do not have to travel to these communities to render your support. You can volunteer right from where you are. Through online volunteering, no matter your location, the world can experience your impact.

We have shared this info before here on Development Synergy and thought we should do so again! Do you have skills you are willing to support communities with?
Are you available to give in some of your time to supporting communities? Are you willing to, above all, render these services for free? Do you have internet access and happy to help online? Are you passionate about community development and community growth? If your response to these questions is yes, then here are some opportunities for you!

You can be an online volunteer by supporting communities and at the same time, learn, network and make impact in the process. One of those communities you could render your support to is NABUURNabuur is a global neighbour network community of volunteers. You can find volunteering opportunities that matches your skills there as well as register to request for a volunteer support for your project if you do have one.

Another is the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Online Volunteering Opportunities. In order to tap into these opportunities, follow the links to visit these website to apply or register. Your internet time and access could be used to support communities. One positive thing amongst many others about volunteering is that is gives you an edge and contributes to achieving more steps in your career journey. Start making impact now, support communities and build your capacity in the process.

Please share your experiences with us when you start volunteering online, we will like to hear about it. Goodluck!


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