How Do I Join the NGO Sector? | Breaking Into The Development Sector - Part 2

NGO: Breaking Into The Development Sector - In my last post (click here to read if you missed it) on how to join the development/NGO sector, I mentioned 3 ways that have worked for some. I shared one of the ways in my last post. I will be sharing the remaining two here.

Another way for joining the NGO sector - 2. as a professional in your existing field and where there is need for your skill in the NGO sector. For example, if you are a
human resource (HR) professional, from your profession, it is obvious that this role can fit into most organized organizations. The NGO sector is in need of HR professionals and you could move from working in a different sector to the NGO sector, as long as you are skilled in your area of expertise and can adequately demonstrate it.

Some other professional areas in addition includes; communications specialist, business development specialist, Management information systems specialist, Logistics, Procurement, Finance/Accountants, etc. If you are a professional in any of the above listed (and some others not listed here)and have desired to work with an NGO but not sure of how to get a job, worry no more. Start applying for jobs that suit your area of expertise and try to network as well with people in the NGO sector so that you do not miss any opportunity.

The last but not the least way...
3. As a starter/newbie. Some have joined the NGO sector this way. In this context, I am referring to categories of people who have the right qualification for particular positions, applied, got successful and joined the sector without prior experience in the sector. These category of people learn a lot on the job and grow fully into the sector as professionals as they make career progress.

If you have interest in the NGO sector, explore different ways to find yourself in the career path you desire. The 3 approaches I have shared works, assess yourself to know which of the approaches suits you and make a headway.

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  1. Hello Uju, thanks for reading. As a newbie, it depends on what your interests are, or better still your passion. You may want to explore volunteering with an organization that interests you part time.


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