2015 Mauritius Africa Scholarships - Here Is Your Opportunity To Study in Mauritius! Apply Now!

Mauritius-Africa Scholarships: The government of Mauritius is calling for applications for under graduate studies in Mauritius. African students of the following 21 countries can avail themselves of the Mauritius-Africa Scholarships scheme: Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Madagascar, Seychelles, Rwanda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Gabon, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Comoros.

Financial Conditions of the award / Value of the Studentship
The Government of Mauritius will provide to studentship beneficiaries a monthly living allowance of Rs 8,300 (USD 266 approx.) and will meet tuition fees at the level of Rs 100,000 (USD 3205 approx.) yearly.

Admission in a University in Mauritius
To be eligible for this studentship;
  • Students must have secured a conditional offer in a course at undergraduate degree level at the University. The copy of the letter of conditional offer must be submitted along with the application. 
  • Candidates should indicate in their applications the name of the institution and the title and course code of the programme to which they have been admitted. 
  • Candidates should ensure that the certified copies of certificates, transcripts of secondary school results, mark sheets relating to their qualifications are submitted along with their applications for a studentship. Non-submission of these documents will result in the elimination from the award of the studentship. 
  • All applications will have to be made through the Ministry of Education or the equivalent Ministry of the country of the applicant, on the prescribed format with the necessary supporting documents. 
  • All applications are to include a medical report and an AIDS-free certificate before the studentship is approved. 
  • Self -financing candidates already studying in Mauritius in an undergraduate programme will not be converted into studentships. 
  • The studentship holders would be required to sign an undertaking to return to their home country as soon as the studentship comes to an end. 

The candidates, once selected, should: 
  • Be available to commence their academic studies in Mauritius by the start of the academic year of the respective institution where they have been admitted; 
  • Be attending full-time and on-campus (not distance learning) programme; 
  • Not be in receipt of a full fee studentship from any other source; 
  • Be able to pay any outstanding costs not covered by the studentship.
  • Duration of the award and age limit
  • Up to 4 years depending on the course duration 

To be eligible for the scholarship candidates should not be more than 25 years of age.

Tuition fees and course related costs
A provision of up to Rs 100,000 (USD 3205 approx.) yearly will be allocated to each beneficiary for this studentship to meet tuition fees and related course costs. 
Candidates could be allowed to change course or institution taking into consideration their payment capacity beyond the scholarship limit of Rs 100,000 (USD 3205 approx.), provided that the students have not yet embarked on the programme or no funds have been disbursed.

Living allowance
An all-inclusive living allowance will be paid at an approved rate of Rs 8,300 (USD 266 approx.) monthly for full academic year and renewed upon submission of evidence from the University of having successfully enrolled for next academic year for day to day expenses. No stipend will be released during any period of vacation leave abroad except for the house rent which should not be for more than two months. 

Awardees will have to inform the Tertiary Education Commission and the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology in case they have to leave Mauritius for any personal reason or otherwise. During the period of their stay outside Mauritius, they will not be eligible to the stipend.

Travel to Mauritius
International air travel (Economy class-student fare) by the most economical route at the start and end of studentship only. 
Students should inform the university or institution to which they have been admitted of their travel schedule well in advance.

Medical and Travel Insurance
Arrangements for Medical and Travel insurance in Mauritius will have to be borne by the students themselves. 
Students will have access to public hospitals for medical treatment.

Student visa will be arranged for and issued by the Government of Mauritius. 
Students should ensure that they get their visa, in case a visa is required, to enter Mauritius and should seek a full briefing on Mauritius’ living conditions, the details of the programme and institution that they will be attending.

Students must have a valid passport for the duration of course applied for.
Students will have to make prior arrangements with the University of their choice in Mauritius with regards to accommodation facilities available and make arrangements accordingly. 
The Institution receiving the student should make all the necessary arrangements to facilitate the visa, reception at the airport and assist the student to obtain an appropriate accommodation.
Submission of Annual progress report
Students will have to submit annual/academic progress reports for continuation of studentship payments. 
A bi annual report on the students should be submitted to the Study Mauritius Office of the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology by the institution concerned.

Students who choose to have their immediate family members join them in Mauritius will be responsible for their financial support. 
If a student decides to return to his/her country before the completion of the source, he/she would not be entitled to a return passage. The expenditure should be met by the student himself/herself. 
The student will not be entitled to a refund of any expenses related to his/her travel outside Mauritius during vacation or the duration of the course.
Applications for additional grants
No application for additional grants will be entertained by the Government of Mauritius. 
For students who are pursuing science courses, the expenditure on laboratory chemicals and other incidental expenses should be borne by themselves.
Fieldwork/Leave to work away
Any cost pertaining to fieldwork or leave will have to be borne by the student.
Renewal of Studentship
Studentships are provided on a yearly basis to students subject to successful completion of each year of study. 
The Government of Mauritius will discontinue the studentship payment in case student fails his examination and same will be renewed on submission of having succeeded his/her examination.

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