Welcome To The New Series of Development Synergy Called NGO Apprentice - Find Out More

NGO Apprentice like the name goes, will be focusing on different NGO topics that amateurs, apprentice or newbies in the sector will find interesting! NGO is Non-Government Organisation, this is the sector that series will be focusing on...the development sector.
We will be chatting with you, sharing ideas, tips and many other interesting topics. We will also be interested in learning from experts in the sector out there. Hopefully, there will be no dull moment :-). 

This blog was set up as a result of interest in the development sector and commitment to helping organizations grow as well as supporting persons
interested in the sector, to have some basic knowledge as they make their journey into the sector and towards achieving development. So, come with us and let us learn and grow together!
The NGO Apprentice posts will be shared via our 'Blog' and 'NGO Apprentice' tab on this blog, so always be on the look out for our new posts.

This is your NGO Apprentice corner where everyone has equal access!

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