Ashoka Course: The Future of Work in Africa -- Innovations in Youth Employment

The Future of Work in Africa: Innovations in Youth Employment is a six week online professional development course which will cover both the obstacles and challenges of African Youth employment with a focus on innovative solutions and promising new initiatives.

Each week participants will explore models, methodologies and the sectors critical
to creating employment opportunities in Africa.

In order to create a rich learning experience, the course will be comprised of a select group of program managers, policy makers, fellows and innovators chosen based on their background and work in the sector.

Together the goal is to create new connections and generate new ideas for developing a future of work that can advance the social economic status of African communities.

This course is being produced as part of Future Forward, a partnership between Ashoka, the world’s largest network of social innovation and entrepreneurship, and The Mastercard Foundation that aims to identify and support the most innovative social entrepreneurs.

The entirety of this course is delivered online with a total time commitment of 2-5 hours per week. It is designed to be highly interactive and social, but we also work hard to ensure that the majority of the content can be experienced in a self-paced manner.

To enhance the interactive nature of the course, each week we will be featuring at least one real-time interaction, such as live discussions and live guest expert interviews along with discussion boards, readings, and videos.

Course Modules:
Week 1: Youth and Employment in Africa
Week 2: Defining Work and Sector Opportunities
Week 3: Skills Training and Education
Week 4: Youth Employment Policy and Government Engagement
Week 5: Entrepreneurship and Employment Ecosystems
Week 6: Final Review & Wrap-up

Topic Areas Included in Course Modules:
The below themes and topic areas will be covered in the above listed course modules.
Technology: How Tech Start-ups are Tackling Corruption, Global Warming, and More
Agriculture: Building Wealth by Breaking the Rules of Traditional Farming
Education: Classroom Without Walls, Learning and Earning in the Real World
Health: How Young People are Driving Excellence in the Health Sector
Impact Investment: Measuring Return on Investment & Designing for Scale of Impact

Application deadline is 14th October, 2015

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