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Free Online Course: To become a successful entrepreneur, it is important to understand the rudiments of business. Now, here are some key questions for you. Have you ever dreamed about starting your own business? Are you dedicated to sustainability but don’t know how to put this passion into practice? Do you see challenges in your community which you want to change? If the answer to one or all of these questions is yes, then this is the course for you!
In this course, you will systematically explore and build your own New Business Model
around your own idea. In a systematic manner, with five building blocks the course will help you develop a viable and valuable model. By using the know-how and experience of your peers in this course, you gain insight into what others are doing and get feedback on your own results. Step by step, you will build and test the model, leading to a mature result than can be put to practice instantly after the course.

  • Students of management programmes;
  • People/groups working on the development of a new business model;
  • Companies wanting to transform their existing business model;
  • Have the access to the internet.

What will you learn?
  • The role of business models in a changing economy, against the background of trends and developments;
  • Understand how the economy and society is changing and how to use this as input for your value proposition;
  • How to make making an initial design for your NBM;
  • Who and what you will need for your NBM and how to design your own NBM;
  • How to improve your value proposition, based on three principles of value creation;
  • How to develop a community of people who actively participate in your NBM;
  • How to distinguish and assess the values your NBM is creating;
  • If you successfully complete the course, you will have your own NBM.

How to enroll?
You can enroll for this FREE self-paced course at the iversity platform HERE 

You can certify your learning by choosing the certificate track or simply audit the course without a certificate – Audit Track for free,  or Certificate Track – EUR 99. 

This course starts in May. Ensure to enroll immediately.

For more information and to enrol and start, Click HERE to Visit the Official Website

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